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How do you work with GBF

Bob has mentioned a method for increasing your GBF, but I already posted how to stay under the threshold:

Learn how to set up the compressors on your vocal channels as LIMITERS.

This will allow you to keep these channels from exceeding your GBF limit when the “yells” should occur.

Compressors have traditionally been referred to as “compressor/limiters”. Their mechanism can function in two ways.

1. Compressor. In this use the processing functions to reduce the overall dynamic range of a signal into a more usable “packet” to sit better in the overall mix.

2. Limiter. In this use the function is to “put a lid” on the signal and make it difficult or impossible for the output of the channel to exceed a set limit NO MATTER HOW LOUD THE INPUT. This is what you want.

To set a compressor to function as a limiter, adjust the THRESHOLD control to a high level so that only an undesired sound such as a shout or scream brings the signal over the threshold, the RATIO to a high setting such as 10:1 or greater, the ATTACK as fast as possible and the RELEASE around 150 ms.

This information should be available via Google search and can also be found in the PDF manuals for various compressor/limiters available on the open market.

Again, this is just “Live Sound 101”.

Good luck.