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If I had the space and money I would have gotten the Qu-24. It has more inputs and outputs, and it has groups which would be nice. However, I use groups inside of Logic so it’s not that much of an issue for me. I have found that I am using up all my inputs with my gear connected, which is probably a good thing so I don’t buy more outboard.

I wish the Qu had dedicated aux sends, but once again, it’s not really an issue because there are mix outputs- on the Qu-16 there are 4 mono, 3 stereo mix outs. I have a Chameleon Labs 7720 compressor, an Elysia Xfilter EQ, and a Strymon Big Sky reverb permanently hooked to the stereo mix outputs. I have two modulation pedals hooked to the first two mono mix outs.

The compressor and EQ come back on the ST1 and ST2 inputs so I won’t lose a bunch of channels that way. ST3 I keep for my hard drive. I mix through the Qu so I can use the internal effects and my outboard, and I mix it down to the hard disk I have connected to the Qu-drive. The reverb and two mono effects end up on tracks 15 & 16, 14, 13. 1 & 2 are my stereo returns from the computer (while recording), tracks 3-12 are inputs for my synth (4 outputs), Electribe (two outputs), bass D.I., mics for vocals, guitar, one amp. So I’m almost maxed.

The only things I do ITB anymore are editing files, grouping, some panning. Oh yeah, if I need to sidechain anything I do that in the DAW as well. There is ducking on the Qu-16 but it is rudimentary. I’ve used it, it works fine, but I like a lot of control if I’m sidechaining.

After I get everything recorded and edited I switch the mixer scene to my mix set-up which frees up all the inputs for tracks coming from the computer.

The Qu-16 is not big, it’s a nice desk size. The front face is tilted at a good angle. It’s an ingenious design, there is space under the face of the mixer, it keeps the air flowing. It never gets hot and there is no fan, so it is totally silent in operation.

The only difficult thing about using the mixer is remembering what layer I am on. The Qu-16 has twelve, including a custom layer. The buttons are well lit but it’s easy to get lost for a second or two.

I think it’s a great mixer. Part of my affection for the Qu-16 is how easy it is to get recording. Since I have a Mac, I can’t promise that your experience would be the same. Based on that, I would suggest you buy one from somewhere that has a good return policy or find someone who is using a Qu with a PC. I know of at least a few user at Gearslutz who are successfully using the Qu-24 with a PC, but I don’t know which OS they use.

Good luck to you. I am not the most technical person but I’ll check back on this thread to see if there are any other questions I can help you with.