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Pit Lenz

In my regular PA preset I send L/R to several mono matrices (PA-L, PA-R, Nearfills, Delays) and feed these to the Amps.
So I can mute or eq or delay them separately with GLD’s onboard tools.
Besides that I still can insert these matrices with a stereo rack in Waves to do general room correction or C6’ing as a stereo pair. To do so, I insert ,say, I/O 61 on MTX1 and I/O 62 on MTX2. Then I have a Waves Stereo Rack on 61/62 for my main PA.

Keeps my L/R mix EQ-clean for a recording.

This Mono-in-GLD-stereo-in-Waves treatment is very helpful on inputs, too.
On my Piano channels for example I locut and eq Lo and Hi channels accordingly and from there treat the Piano as a stereo instrument in Waves. Works well, if you want to LA2a or C6 it as well…

Pit 🙂