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It’s helpful to remember that digital consoles work basically the same way as analog consoles. How did you have your FX set up with the Gl3000? You can do that here too if you want.

The FX send sends signal from the input channel to an FX engine, which then returns back to the FX return for that engine. This FX return is basically the same as another input channel. (In fact, I set up the GLD with the FX returns in the left bank for this reason.)

The question of which groups to assign the FX returns to is not a new problem with digital. If you were using one reverb mainly for vocals, another mainly for instruments and one for drums then you could assign the returns to those respective subgroups.

What I typically do is to leave the group faders at unity and do actual level changes with the DCAs. Moving the DCA by a certain amount has exactly the same effect as if you’d moved all the channels assigned to it by that amount, meaning that post fade sends work as normal and your FX balance is maintained. I use the groups if I want to do any processing on the signal such as EQ or compression, but generally use DCA’s for level changes.

If you do a search on ChurchTechArts there is a series of articles about subgroups and DCAs.