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GC, you’re correct. They’ve removed even more knobs on the surface of the TF, making it almost exclusively operational via the touchscreen (which, as Andreas has pointed out, is multi-touch) or via a tablet. One has to go through a lot of screens to get to things – the screens don’t appear to be laid out for easy and quick access to things, unlike a Qu. The screen on the TF3 is about the same size as the Qu-16, so for me multi-touch seems almost pointless on such a small screen.
On the physical surface of the TF3, to the left of the touchscreen, is just a blank surface where you can set a tablet (or post-it notes or stickers or a sandwich). I think that’s a waste of space and much prefer the Qu layout. I like having the knobs right there.
I have not had a chance to hear the console in action.