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I know this sounds a little crazy but not really when you think about it.
If you guys are doing battle of the bands and festivals with lots of groups and virtually no time between….
it is reasonable to assume that you are being paid halfway decent for the job to provide sound. As affordable as these QU mixers are, I am assuming you guys are using an AR2412 boxes with them too…
get a second console and purple box, set the mixers side by side (FOH) and get your next band set up on it while you are
running the other band, then switch the D snake cable to the other purple box. Just make sure that the masters on the “go to”
console are no higher than the one in use… as far as outputs are concerned, these could be tied together with an isolation transformer box.

I personally have not done this, but it should work flawlessly.
Whoever hired you for sound will be massively impressed.

shoot me now 🙂