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Thanks for letting me know that the QU USB document is updated from time to time. It just still appears to be out of date.

Did you think that I had not read the document before commenting on it? I know that some USB keys and some SSDs are listed. The problem is that they are not the latest ones available. Some I’ve never even heard of. A number of new widely-available high performance SSDs are not on the list, so, frankly speaking, the list is probably out of date.

I also find it hard to believe that so few USB keys and SSDs will work with the QU mixer. Is that because (1) the document is out of date, (2) no testing program is active to evaluate new devices, or (3) is there some problem with the way the QU writes to these devices, so that many just do not work with the QU for recording?

I am aware that some people may try to use a drive that has not been formatted on the QU, and these may not work until formatted with the QU. Apparently, the QU formatting is done in a way that attempts to optimize it for recording audio, perhaps by enforcing a single cluster size, not the more general FAT 32 formatting protocol. Because of this, it can be hard to determine from forum contributors just which drive or keys work or don’t work with the QU mixers.

It should be standard practice to show the date of the last update to such a document, not just the date it was first created. Otherwise, one must assume that the document is outdated.