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While we’re on this subject,is there a way to block Standard user from adjusting (and effecting all scenes) PEQ and GEQ for the main LR and Matrix outputs. I noticed last week that on our Qu24 that if im in Standard user mode i can tweak the main LR EQ and it will stay like this for all scenes until adjusted again. In other wirds it acts like an analogue desk in that whoever adjusted it last stays like that. On digital desk it shouldnt work that way in that adjustments in one scene should not effect the other scenes. Maybe its a software bug??
I don’t mind users adjusting eq on individual channels within their own scenes, but not the main LR eq that will effect all scenes from that point on. There must (should) be a way for Admin to block this, i.e. I as Admin would like to make LR eq scene safe for Standard users??