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It would be interesting to see more recording from Pro Tools, at different buffer sizes, to compare what impact it has. Try going up even higher.

After the audio goes really fuzzy, if you let it keep going for ages, does it come back good?
It seems there’s wordclocks going out of sync.

I have heard this exact issue before, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it apply to only specific software.

I Googled this similar issue someone had:

Things to check:

  • Make sure you are not using an aggregate device. (It’s just another layer of confusion and clock settings that can go wrong. Maybe even just delete it to be really sure it’s gone.)
  • Make sure you’re using DVS in Pro Tools as the audio interface and clock source
  • Dante Controller Clock Status Monitor – click the square in the bottom right corner and go to the History tab to look at your devices. Leave it recording data for a few minutes. What does the graph look like? They should be simple with a few big green bars roughly in the centre. If there’s lots of bars moving around, something is wrong and clocks are drifting out of sync.