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We are running a GLD112 with our ME-1’s and seeing a similar situation. In our case volume levels are messed up. Here’s the events.

1) At the board, tech recalls ‘template-show’. Copies and pastes a ‘template’ scene and saves a new show.
2) Band member restores presets.
3) Rehearsal
4) Tech saves scene and stores ‘new-show’
5) Band member saves presets
6) Shut down board.

7) later that week, Tech restores ‘template-show’ ME’s were not even used during this event, but still plugged in.
8) On Sunday, tech restores ‘new-show’ and scene (step 4 above)

Volumes are messed up. From what I am told, the volumes are much lower. (I’m the tech, not a band member)

We are on the latest firmware version. This happened on previous firmware versions and versions 1.4-1.5 of GLD.

Volumes are messed up.