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Hi, I’m back…

Well, i’m trying to roll back the internal clock, put it in 2010. Nothing change.

During this time, I discover some clicks in the audio signal during recording sessions. I discover a very interesting article :

My old netbook was in fact to “congestionned” with drivers, utilities, programs, etc…
And so, I’m buying all the stuff necessary to make a dedicated desktop computer : Corei5, 8Gb of RAM, SSD, Win7 Pro 64b, all services checked and de-activated if not necessary, just a new fresh PC.
Before recording with it, trying again to make this firmware upgrade, and…Same error. Quite boring !

I’m trying with admin privileges, of course, on the primary port, the control network port, changing the date, changing the cable, rebooting many times, etc… Always the same error message.

Have another idea ? Will I need to send back my Dante Card to A&H for upgrading ?