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Happy to say I got all of the files back.

Anyway, seems as if you should not do [chkdisk /f] to your drive, as this made all files disappear – including the ones that had not been corrupted before.

I finally got them back with a recovery tool (Photo Rescue in my case, but I suppose others will do fine too).
PR recreates and saves FILExxxx.CHK files to any desired destination that can be imported and fixed in Audacity as described in the Article.

I did not give another disk image a try though. Worked directly from the USB drive as PR leaves the original data untouched and does no writing to the USB drive.

Is there a suggestion what to to on a win8/win8.1 machine? Maybe the fixing of the file system even can be omitted when using some rescue software. But I don’t think I am willing to try this out… 😉