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Assuming the band has some “acoustic” gear on stage, like Drums, Guitar and Bass, they probably already hear the rhythm well even without monitoring and FOH off. So normally only little is required here (i.e. Drummer is probably the only musician asking for bass on his monitor).
Things will get complicated if:
– You have some reflective room (will get better with some audience filled in)
– Stage is too large or OpenAir so that these sources are not loud enough for musicians to hear precisely enough
Venues with a reflective back wall are probably the most complicated to deal with, since the Band will hear the beat a second time several dozen mSec later. Rising monitor volume isn’t really helpful, since this would bleed even more into the audience, making that sound worse (highly directive wedges do help a lot).
Lowering overall volume sometimes help, but that’s not acceptable for every kind of music. So you’ll have to find a working balance for that evening.