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Is that already the same in iLive and GLD with the inputs being delay compensated and phase coherent to the Mix Outputs?

No, iLive and GLD have phase coherent busses, in that, for example, an input mixed to two groups will have the same phase in both. If you mix these two groups to a main, you should not have any comb filtering. However, if you mix an input to a main and to a group, then mix the group into the main as well, you could experience comb filtering.

In dLive, everything except the FX is delay compensated. You should not experience any comb filtering no matter what combination of mixes and inputs you have feeding another mix. The only exception is that if you have a signal mixed post delay, with the delay not set to zero, this manually added delay will not be compensated for.

[Edit] Please also refer to this knowledgebase article:

Hope this helps

– Jeff, A&H