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It is, and training those* who “know what they’re doing” is hard work.

I was doing a gig for my normal Covers Band recently and a DJ had also been hired (to do bits between sets etc). He put his Mackie 450s upright on the floor, and after we’d finished our sound check he started playing his system. It was absurdly loud for the room, distorted, and lacked any clarity at all – all the HF energy was at knee height, and none of the expected guests were grasshoppers (ears on their knees).

His response when I said it was running a bit hot for the space was that ‘he’d been doing this for years’. I didn’t engage in further conversation it wasn’t worth it.

I’ve been doing ‘this’ for 25 years, but I know that there are many, many, people who have forgotten more than I’ll ever know.

* like me…