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Bob. I agree and here is the kind of thing I am up against. I have cases with customers with analog mixers. Just about all users have no real concept of EQ or compressors. About all they know is faders and mutes. I get asked to come in and adjust their mic channels to improve the quality. I go back later only find they have changed and sound bad again. I can name a case this past week where I went to a big church that I installed a new LR line array system a few years back. I had never been real happy with it mainly due to very poor acoustics. I re tuned the system with a new processor. I set their vocal and pastor Earset mics. I then went to church there. On the first service I tweaked channels and had it sounding very good. Operator was very gracious about it. Console is a large name brand. On the second service the operator is not quite as gracious. I usually just don’t challenge him. He started redoing everything I had done. I didn’t want to start a fight so just shut up. Now everything was muddy. He does not like any high end. It was like we draped blankets over the speakers.

I thought to myself. Here is a case where I wish I could lockout the EQ. Of course it would cause a firestorm if I did. Working with volunteers is walking a fine line.