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Back from my hols and I have installed 1.51 The opening time on auto is significantly better in my testing. We’ll see how it performs live on Sunday.

I STILL don’t understand “chair” mode. It seems that if “sensitivity” is too low (e.g. the default 5) when you speak into the chair mic, it opens, and then closes again shortly after! It’s as if the chair mic itself gets ducked by its own input!!! Setting the sensitivity to 9 or 10 seems to make it work in a reasonable manner, but I’d really like to understand what the sensitivity control is trying to do. It doesn’t seem to make much difference to the way it works whether “best mic” is on or off.

Nicola, is it possible to get a more detailed description of the operation than what is included in the manual. It just says.

Chair Priority – You can set a channel as ‘Chair’ to give it higher priority over the other channels, for example to let a chairman override another speaker. The Chair mic sensitivity and the amount that other channels are automatically ducked when the Chair is open can be set.