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I don’t have a separate monitor engineer so I’ll stay on stage after micing up the band & take care of gains & monitors. First off my monitor mix is post eq in not so friendly acoustic environments & pre eq in good acoustic environments. I always take care of monitors first cause I can take care of FOH on the fly. I also use subtractive eq mostly.
I find some engineers don’t zero the board or have a good pre set programmed in a scene & that can throw a curve ball at you if your not prepping for that next gig. I know my mic chacateristics & my monitors so that always helps when mixing in different environments.
There’s an infinite amount of ways to approach your mixing. I just happen to mix lots of events with multiple bands with not much tear down time & set up time. I always have a stage hand micing up the band & helping in every way. What I do know is making the band happy with there monitors is the upmost importance. I’m a sax player also & it’s frustrating when I get a crappy sounding monitor. If you want the band to give a 110% you must give them great monitors.
There’s 6 engineers within the company & everybody has a different approach.