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Do the tracks record with static and distortion? Or is this something that is being heard just on playback through the Dante network?
This is an important thing to work out! Record something, experience the pops and crackles. Then unplug the machine from Dante and use your built in sound card with some headphones or speakers plugged in directly on a Minijack and see if you still have pops and crackles. This identifies a little whether it is involved with the PT playback engine, or something being recorded with errors.

I still reckon it is a PT clocking issue.. I appreciate this is for PT LE 7.4 but should be similar now – i don’t have PT to hand

Have you set both sections up? It is possible to have the hardware set up to an external clock, in that case DVS at 48k, but the project setting is at 44.1 or some 88/96 type rate. It may record OK but play back all kinds of wrong.