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Well I managed to get my hands on a console again today and did some experimenting.
The simple answer is no, when you recall a scene the only MIDI data the iLive spits out is that program change command.

I did connect with wireshark to try to watch some of the data and noticed that it was sending MIDI sysex commands when you do stuff in the editor. I tried to send that MIDI sysex both over actual MIDI and as a TCP packet. No luck. By TCP I would get a response but it was the same response no matter what I sent, some form of error code or “try again” it seems.

The funny thing is when sending it as an actual MIDI string (both over MIDI and the TCP/IP MIDI driver) I at one point had an extra 2 zeros in my string and managed to turn the input gain for channel 1 all the way up.

Even if I got the TCP commands to work I don’t know that I have anything that I know of to send these pre-determined packets upon receiving a trigger. I’m not actually a programmer I just play one on TV.

So I think where I’m at for the moment is saving a bunch of scenes with various single parameters in them and calling those up when needed. That and picking my battles to just put some things at unity and edit that level later offline if required.

If anybody has any ideas I’d love to hear them