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Nicola A&H

Hi millst,

Wow, I’ll do my best to answer it all 🙂

– Bit Depth – 96bit refers to the accumulator only as you say. By creating our own FPGA implementation we are not limited to a single processing bid depth across the signal path. We can choose whatever bit depth we fancy for each operation or processing block, this gives the DSP engineers control over precision of the calculation and noise floor. So in a way all the arguments of floating points vs. fixed format are gone!

– AES outputs – You can fit up to 4x 8ch AES out cards to each modular DX32 expander. An AES out option for the I/O Ports is also being considered.

– 128 Inputs – dLive will not support ‘Dual Rack’ setups, so yes, 128 inputs is only via the DX expanders.

– “Over 814 system inputs and 824 outputs” – that’s counting all possible patchable system inputs and outputs including MixRack, Surface, I/O Ports, expanders. It’s the number of max sources and destinations the system can deal with.

– “Active Pad Technology” – there is a PAD switch. Active refers to an active design which varies the circuit impedance to work best with line level sources, thus achieving better linearity when compared to a passive PAD.

– ME-1 port – this is a 40ch 48kHz output (plus ch names and stereo links) to either ME-1s or ME-U. It’s not PoE.

– On the surface – video output – it is VGA although we are considering DVI as a rolling change in production later on. You can mirror either screen, possibly select a third view (TBC). It doesn’t support external touchscreens.

– in the event you lose power does it return exactly where you were when the power resumes? Yes.

– What is the boot time of the rack? TBC but I’m expecting a few seconds, similar to iLive.

– What is the boot time of the surface including connection to the rack and ability to commence controlling the rack? Roughly 40s at present but we haven’t done any optimization of the boot up yet.

– are there one or two SBC’s in the dual screen version? One supercharged SBC 🙂

Hope this helps.