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You need to get your hands on it, all of the critical functions are ONE KNOB per FUnction. Preamp, TRIM, LPF, HPF, All of the EQ are all dedicated Knobs that never change, the only stuff that are customizable are the additional Knob sets on the sides of the screen. They can be customized to control your “Preferences” such as dedicated for COMP/LIMITER, or Dedicated for EFX control or AUX.

Its a very customizable workflow, uber quick and very well laid out, none of the functions are under menus, or shift command type keys, its all laid out and will have an extremely quick workflow.

If you are a Infocomm next week, stop by the booth and we can do a personal demo on it.. ITs really an amazingly well thought out system and one of the fastest workflows I have ever worked on.