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I think you bring up valid points. The industry continues to shift more and more from the analog to the digital. The A&H is pretty blatant that the DLive is “digital native” – meaning encoders are important, but the multi-touch/gesture screens are essential to using this hardware. With 2 screens and each screen being divided into several zones, it appears you can adjust multiple points along the signal chain simultaneously.

Personally, I welcome the shift from encoders to screen GUI because of what you have mentioned. Even with the original iLive (and most digital mixers), encoders give limited visual feedback on their own. They will never give the same tactile information like an analog mixer or outboard gear…and frankly, they can’t when you consider the amount of DSP processing that must be adjusted on a single piece of equipment. With the original iLive, I would adjust the encoder but relied on the screen for visual feedback. This meant I was still limited to a single adjustment in the signal chain.

After 4 years of using tablet remote control and touchscreen GUIs, I rarely touch encoders anymore (aside from the encoders above each channel – still great for quick trim adjustment or pan control) and primarily rely on the touchscreen GUI.

I say all this to point out that the DLive is embracing this change in digital workflow. With that in mind, tt seems like a good mixture of features and flexibility. Hope to test it out myself in the near future.