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No direct answer but some thoughts.

I can’t hear much in the video, but the PT file is intriguing. I once struggled with something that sounded extremely similar with some M-Audio interfaces. It was due to to M-Audio not updating the drivers to work with current versions of MacOS. What version of DVS and MacOS X are you running? From the video it looks like you’re running Yosemite so I think you NEED the latest

What is the Dante Latency setting in DVS, my 2013 MacBook Pro is unhappy if you drop the latency to 4ms when in 64×64 mode, but fine at 6 or 10ms. Not that the symptoms are similar, I just get random mutes, which are reported in Dante Controller.

Are there any errors in the Events tap of Dante Controller?

Having said all this that it’s fine through Logic would suggest it’s a Pro Tools issue.

I’ve hit the same issue with Logic (although Pro9 not tried X for this yet), I have a laptop that will happily record 64 channels in reaper for hours on end, but Logic would always choke with that message. Pro Tools seemed better but I’ve also had it choke, better than logic though.