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I did get the Gator GMIX-1921-8-TSA. I’ve used it for a few gigs now and I really like it.

I have the Gator GMIX-1921-8-TSA, too. Big thumbs up from me on that one. I don’t like to have my mixers hard mounted in rails for transport. The gator was the smallest, lightest, and most preotective I could find at the time — don’t know if there are new offerings out there that you’d want to consider, but I really love the Gator. Very easy to lift in and out of the case. If you don’t need or want yours to be rail mounted, I’d highly recommend the Gator GMIX-1921-8-TSA.

I agree! It’s a bit bulkier than I expected, but it does the job of a light weight, rail-less and padded case for the QU-16 extremely well. I arranged my QU nearly identically to the way that mamerica has in his photo. The change I made was to put the wedges on the back/connector end of the mixer to move the center of gravity toward the center of the case. The mixer is easy to lift out and is quite snug while traveling. My photo does not show it but I put the grey acoustic foam in the same location as his photo shows, above the “ridge” of the back of the mixer.

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