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After 35 years in the biz and being an early adopter (1986) of digital tech I would tell you that the recipe for disaster is installing new software the day of a gig! Well, I happily stand corrected. I installed 1.71 this morning just two hours before my first gig with the Qu-32 and dual AB168s. Both the dSnake preamp problem and the expander issue were solved! I worked the entire day… 7 hours without a single glitch! Bravo A&H, Bravo!

While I did not have nearly the angst Tonmeister had I do think we need not drown ourselves in the A&H coolade just yet. I believe the best use of this forum is to be able to (respectfully) hold A&H’s feet to the fire. If something doesn’t work it should be recognised and fixed as quickly as possible. To A&H’s credit I believe they did that. However, 6 months is a long time to have to trundle out analog snakes when the purchase was most likely swayed by the dSnake promise to begin with. We’re all professionals here and we all understand (for the most part) that things happen… Prices change, software has bugs, it takes time to remedy anything. When a manufacturer goes periscope down over issues like this or even worse, tries to deny them, that leaves the customer feeling betrayed. Even if the manufacture believes they are doing everything possible the trust has been broken. I think we all need to understand that trust isn’t built on promises or even delivering on those promises… That’s reputation. Real trust is earned (or lost) by our behaviour when things go wrong.