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1.71 seems to have solved the issue. I say “seems” only because I have not had very many gigs since 1.71 came out (about a half-dozen, or so), but so far, so good (knock wood). If the fix holds and the problem goes away for good, I’ll be very pleased to have a reliable system again.

I do feel I should back-pedal and apologize a little for my earlier post on this topic. I am still frustrated that it cost me so much additional time, cash, and inconvenience to get through some very high profile gigs I was doing at the time. I am also still a bit irked that A & H’s pricing structure changes have devalued the AB168 so significantly and so quickly after its release, but that is not really an issue for someone who is buying one new, at this point.

I should also apologize for my error in saying that there was not documentation/acknowledgement of the problem fix in the firmware released. That was a gross oversight on my part. My vision was perhaps clouded by seeing red at the time, but that doesn’t really excuse my errant and hasty accusation, and I formally apologize to A & H and the forum for letting my frustration get the better of me.

It does appear that A & H did the right thing in responding as quickly as they could to resolve the issue, and I am very grateful for that. I am also very grateful for the other enhancements that have been a part of the ongoing firmware releases for the QU series, which have made the mixer investment feel like a very good one.

When the AB168 works properly, it is a fabulous addition to the QU system. If I had it to do all over again knowing what I know now, I’d’ve held off on getting a digital snake solution and gotten the AR2412 (for $150 less than I paid for the AB168!!!). I know that there is usually some premium attached to being an early adopter, but I didn’t think I’d get stung that badly. Now if I want to sell my AB168 and buy an AR2412 it will probably cost me another $400-600 cash out-of-pocket, depending on what I could squeeze out of the AB168 on the used market. I’ll probably try to pick up a used AR84, if I can.

I do also want to publicly thank Nicola, who has been very active and helpful to a great number of users on the forum, and has taken the time to respond to some of my questions and concerns, in particular. It is really nice to know that there are those at A & H that are paying attention to what goes on here.