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I have the Gator GMIX-1921-8-TSA, too. Big thumbs up from me on that one. I don’t like to have my mixers hard mounted in rails for transport. The gator was the smallest, lightest, and most preotective I could find at the time — don’t know if there are new offerings out there that you’d want to consider, but I really love the Gator. Very easy to lift in and out of the case. If you don’t need or want yours to be rail mounted, I’d highly recommend the Gator GMIX-1921-8-TSA.

PS — yes, there is at least one foam wedgie that helps keep it snug, and it works very, very well. Also, it is different from the G-MIX 20X25 ATA (I used to have one of that series for my Studiolive mixer). I prefer the TSA, FWIW — the shell is tougher and a less brittle material. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a lift out case that fits the Qu16 better.