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I’m assuming you’re referring to the non-electronic type of megaphone, reminiscent of the 1920’s!
I would have thought that you could get pretty close to that using parametric EQ. The sound we associate with the megaphone results mostly from the materials the cone is made from absorbing some frequencies and resonating at others. It tends to be quite nasal with a human voice and lacking at the LF end.
Perhaps some experimentation with generous helpings of LF and HF cut, and some high-Q (narrow-band) upper and lower-mid peaks, sweeping up and down the spectrum until you find something you like. I’d start with building a nice honk at around 1.75 to 2.5kHz into the sound with maybe another one around 500Hz.
In a real megaphone the amplification is done mechanically and some compression will help replicate the effect.
You may not be able to get all the way there on the channel’s PEQ, so maybe route it through a separate mix channel and tweak it some more with the GEQ on that mix.
You don’t say if you’re going to have to do this live!
If you are, naturally you can store the settings in the PEQ library, but my instinct would be to get a mic splitter and have two channels for your vocalist, one clean and one for the effect.
Too many things to go wrong otherwise, with all that button-pressing.