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Hi everybody,
I have a problem also with the upgrade process of my M-Dante card.
My configuration :
GLD-80 v1.50 rev 18502, M-Dante Card software v3.4.15 Firmware v3.3.3.
So, I’m trying to install DanteFirmwareUpdateManager_pc-1.3.2, to first upgrade to the v3.6.4.
But I’m blocked at this point because when trying to install the software, I have this error message “Setup Failed / One or more issues caused the setup to fail. Please fix the issues and then retry setup. For more information see the log file. 0x800b0101 – Un certificat requis n’est pas dans sa période de validité selon la vérification par rapport à l’horloge système en cours ou le tampon daté dans le fichier signé”.
Of course, WiFi off, administrator, FireWall off, only a cable between my PC running Win8.1-64b, etc…

I’m trying this upgrade because I have a lot of ticks and drops when recording with Samplitude. When I bought my GLD (with the M-Dante at the same time), it was working. May be an incompatibility with the new firmware of the desk ?

Any suggestion ?