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Disappointed and Discouraged Tonmeister, McIvy, Hawk, Colonel Ted, Nicola and all the others here in this thread, your postings seem to end this past April. Literally the day after the the update was released! Could it be your problems are solved? Did v1.71 solve the dSNAKE preamp issue? I hope so because my two AB168’s and QU-32 shipped after the 4/22 release date but sadly, arrived with exactly the same problem! If A&H knew they had and solved a problem and were already sending out the fix, why did they let another AB168 go out the door without it? Oh, and it wasn’t just one… I’ve gone through 5 in the last 36 hours! I’ll be installing the update tomorrow morning hoping I don’t have to rewire with analog snakes. All I can say is I hope this is easier than it was to get access to this conversation. I have to say as a newcomer to A&H online I haven’t found it to be a 21st century experience. My product registration is different from my support registration which is different still from my Digital Community registration even though 90% of the information is redundant and presented in exactly the same format page by page. Is it any wonder that when I log in no one, not even me remembers which one I’m logging into?

I remain hopeful that tomorrow’s v1.71 update will solve half my problem. As for the other half? I’ve submitted the ticket and will start a new thread in this forum. It’s about expansion AB168s, sequential serial numbers and matching MAC addresses. Should be fascinating reading. I can’t wait to read your responses.