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Hi All
Its been a while since I last posted anything so I thought I would give a bit of an update.

Ive not had any feedback issues recently and thought I’d list what I’d been doing recently to help others out there. (You could put that down to different types of venues, but hey only time will tell)

1) Ive given up on making the room feedback (For now)

2) Ive been using a set of headphones to check and somewhat EQ each channel before turning the PA speakers on. Ive found this to be possibly the best piece of advise Ive ever received. I can now hear if there are any issues clearly (Especially with drums) and try to sort before turning on the speakers.

3) Ive been using the PA mainly for vocals only. I try to get the vocals as loud as I can before I back them off and add in some extra instruments were needed so I know Ive got some headroom. Whenever I can, the backline of guitars dont go through the PA. Its mainly just kick, toms, keys and a bit of bass.

Note: The other day I had the vocals so loud (With no feedback) that it sounded STUPID and they were way too loud in the mix, so I turned them down 🙂

4) Ive been using a lot less input gain on every channel with it hardly even touching the yellow. I have had to turn the PA speakers up because of this (To about just gone 10 oclock) but all seems fine doing this.

5) Speaker height Ive kept with the bottom of the speaker just about at ear height.

6) Ive dropped the last two faders of the GEQ completely down to remove low end sludge.

7) Ive been enjoying using the HPF.

Thats about it really. Like I said Ive had no major issues recently, I’ve played a PVC marquee, a vinyl panelled marquee, a large pub with stage and all’s been OK.
So many thanks for everyones thoughts.

p.s. I decided to buy a DBX PA2 just to see exactly what it could do. What a load of rubbish. I couldnt even get through the “Wizard” set up as its got the worst UI ever. DBX support and forums are pathetic (“It doesnt matter if your speakers arnt listed/Just miss that part of the set up out”) I sent it back for a full refund.