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Okay… I haven’t got Pro Tools to hand but you want to try something like this for your routing…

GLD80 Dante card linked to Macbook pro
Macbook Pro running Dante Virtual sound card and Dante controller. In Dante controller set the matrix grid to show the GLD80 transmitting the first 44 Inputs to the Macbook Pro on the first 44 channels Then on the Macbook Pro transmitter page route the first 12 returns of Macbook pro to some spare Dante lines, say 45 and upwards. This should make the Dante sound card’s outputs 1 and 2 return on Dante line 45 and 46

In protools, set your active sound card to be Dante Virtual Soundcard, and on your output routing set your main stereo mix for example, to route to Dante Soundcard 1-2. Get some audio playing so your mix is outputting on those channels.

Now on the GLD80 on an input channel, on the preamp page set the source to be from the appropriate Dante return channel. You should get audio coming back through the desk.

I haven’t got all of this in front of me, but that process should basically work.
You may need to ensure that Pro Tools is set to the same clock as the desk, sound card etc. – 48k i’d be assuming. You can confirm your hardware clock speed over Dante by looking on the ‘clock status’ tab of Dante Controller.

EDIT – Oh and for the output to your Streaming box. If you have a spare bus or aux out, just send the return faders from Pro Tools/Dante to the spare aux or bus… and on your GLD80s patch window, set some spare outputs to come from this Aux or Bus output. This could be on the surface’s outs or an AR Rack’s outs on whatever format you have spare – most likely XLR pairs. If you get nothing on those outputs, check that the channel is sending them pre-fade to the aux, and that the aux or bus master is unmuted, etc.