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Sorry I have not responded to all these great suggestions earlier. I got sidetracked on another project.

@robbocurry – Great suggestions. I certainly thought I hit play after arming. I thought I checked that the counter/timer was advancing and the meters showed activity. I use a Sandisk Extreme 64GB USB 3.0 drive. It has worked great every time prior to this one. Definitely did not make a two track. Had the meters for multi-track displayed and active.

@andreas & @matts – Yeah, I was not aware you could recover the data utilizing the “Qu Drive Recording Recovery Procedure”. Unfortunately, I was using Firmware version 1.60. However, I still went through several efforts to try to recover the data using various tricks and utilities with no luck. I am thinking more and more that I never actually started the recording. The 18 .wav files were present on the drive, but each was only 1K in size and contained no data. Matt, thanks for the links to the info on Understanding The QU-Drive. Good stuff!

@bob – See USB drive used above. Have never received any errors with this drive. The counter I was referring to is the time indicator on the touch screen.

Tonight I upgrade my firmware to Ver 1.71, so if this happens again, at least I will have the right firmware to at least attempt a recovery.

Thanks again guys for all your suggestions and info. I am going to give up on this one and use the information gained here to make sure I check more thoroughly the next time we go live on stage. I appreciate all the ideas. Cheers!!