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If Bose are all you have here is how I would set that system up. First you need to realize Bose always mis-names their products.They call an equalizer a “controller” and they call column speakers “line arrays”.

That said, their controller is nothing more than an equalizer with a big smily face EQ curve. I did a freq response analysis of their “controller” years ago and the plot is long gone. You will have to duplicate it if you do not run their “controller”. With a few XLR cables you have the ability to analyze the controller with only the GLD80, a pen and paper. Of you know how to use spreadsheets you can easily enter the data and find an average gain offset then center the whole group around zero dB.

Use your sig gen and set it at one the GLD EQ center freq. Feed the GLD output to the Bloze EQ input and measure the gain through the box using an input channel meter. Next find the center frew of the band adjacent and re-measure. You only care about the difference band-to-band. Plot this on paper or spread sheet and you have their EQ curve that can be set on the GLD output EQ.

Cross over the LF speakers at about 100 to 120 hz. I would not cross them much lower.

Good luck