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Well, it’s not too terribly difficult, but…. there are multiple ways to do it.

1ST STEP, BACK UP ALL SHOWS, AND LIBRARIES. They should be safe, but……………

BE ADVISED…. WHEN DOING THIS UPGRADE YOU WILL LOOSE ANY/ALL USER LOGINS AND PASSWORDS. When successful the system will reboot to admin user and no password.

The easiest for me was to use a USB thumb drive.
Take that downloaded zip file and uncompress it. It should create a folder named “firmware” with about 91Mb of stuff in it.
Copy that folder to the USB thumb drive.
Connect the thumb drive to the back of your surface, go to the system utility screen and select the option tab for firmware update.
It should show you your current firmware setup for the surface, touchscreen, and your mixrack
It should do a scan to look for the new firmware(on the thumb drive).

Follow the prompts to update the system(should take less than 10 minutes). If the update fails, it will roll back to the previous version..

We had issues with our iDR32 when trying to upgrade from 1.83 to 1.91, we never could get it to update in house, we had to have our dealer take it to their shop for update(I don’t know if they actually fixed it in house or if they sent it to A&H for service). Since then we have updated to 1.94(just last month) with no problems.