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Ahh so you have 2 sets of monitors.
Remembering that the QU is advertised and a Live Sound and also in the studio.
Its what and other would call a cross-over desk.

I think you should study some flow chart schematic examples of some of the other desks in a studio example.

Normally studios have a *favoured* set of monitors and then they want to listen to the same sound and the other set. sometime this is call ALT short for as you guess it Alternative set however you always need to grab the same knob or fader that controls these sets of speakers.
Hence the ALT out knob.
There are a few ways of selecting these different A?B speakers.
You can get a speaker switch…
These need to able to switch line level with out click that would drive you mad.
Or maybe you could get a 3 way with the third way position being the *totally off* position.
I ran 2 sets of speakers from ALT OUT looping the the 2 sets of monitors A&B and had a simple power switch and turned on each set as I required.
However I will be getting a “director type switch” to either select A or B next time I set up my QU in my studio.
AND if you have other musicians come into your studio you can AFL their headphone mixs’ with you headphones on with the main studio speakers off.

Lots of variables.
I’m surprised A & H don’t have some examples on line of QU studio setups?
Andrea may be able to help you.
They probably do in a broucher somewhere?
They do in GSR24M manuals. That’s a recording desk only

Hope this has helped. Ran out of time to write more.

good luck