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Hope this helps and dosn’t not confuse you or myself..
I looked at both the manual and the reference guide and could not find set up block-diagrams to what you are wanting.
Usually in a DAW scenario like you are describing.

As DaveCo said you feed you studio speakers from your ALT out balanced TRS jacks.
However then you need to be able to hear from your headphones to over dubb.
well, you need to create a either a headphone bus so you and other musicians can hear as well.

To do this musicians use several mix (mono or stereo Mix’s) bus’s and use an out board headphone driver’s.

In your case it sounds like you need to turn off the L/R following PAFL as per pic below or on page 10.1 on the PDF Manual and
To assign your PAFL to Alt out so you can PAFL into the studio or main room speakers.

Remembering that you need to turn down the ALT speakers when you use the headphones.

AND as BOB said PAFL is your friend so that you can hear your mix when the ALT out speakers are turned down.

Hope this helps and has not confused you.