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Mark, I’m not sure the theory is correct, based on my experience with this issue. I was indoors in a closed booth with the temperature consistent. The mixer was on its own table (no one and no other gear save for a laptop on the table) and no one was walking around the booth to create any vibrations of any sort. I wasn’t even touching the table or the mixer at the time. The console was just sitting there and there was only one channel with audio activity happening at that moment.
The faders did not creep down, but rather they slammed down very quickly as though I had changed layers. They did not restore themselves either.
I’m glad A&H are aware of this and are working towards a solution. I find the interesting part of this particular scenario is that the bug was found primarily due to the layer layout of the Qu 16. Because the stereo busses are on the second layer and basically inaccessible for crossfades, when an operator needs to bring up a mic at the same time as fading down playback it has made users link faders on the top layer to patch in there stereo inputs and have access to the faders without changing layers. If the stereo busses were on the top fader I doubt this issue would have been discovered as quickly as it has been.
Has anyone out there had this issue on a custom layer? If not, then I’m going to create a basic custom layer template for my small corporate gigs, putting the stereo inputs on one fader, thus eliminating linked faders, to see if it is a work-around for this issue.