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Actually I quite like that idea. Logging in and typing a password accurately are quite beyond some of our more technically challenged volunteers. As soon as they mistype a password, which they (and I, if I am honest) almost always do, since it is actually very hard to type accurately on the touch screen, they panic and decide it is all too complicated. Even pressing the appropriate processor button and tab to get to the users screen in order to login as a user without a password is pretty daunting for some.

So being able to give them a stick and say, plug this in and you will be logged in as the right user, and all set up for this service type, would actually Be quite neat.

Now I hear you say, if they can’t even do this, how can they operate the board once logged in? Fair point, but there are some who are happy to ride faders for a simple speech only service, just as they did with the old analogue board, but don’t like this new tangled digital stuff.

I wouldn’t have it instead of typed login, but as an adjunct it would be handy. I’m not holding my breath though 🙂