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Mark Oakley

Hi Andy:

It depends on what you’re trying to route. There’s a few tabs missing from iLive Editor that are buttons on the board (like the Routing, Mixrack and Surface buttons) but everything can still be accomplished from Editor.

For routing Inputs to Channels, go to Setup/Mixer Preferences/Quick Input Source Setup. Incidentally, I route my Inputs from bottom left to top right on my IDR48 (ch. 1 is F1, ch 48 is A8). The reason for this is as you plug more XLR’s in, you can still see the unused Inputs without cables hanging down to cover them.

For routing Mixes to Outputs, go to Settings/IO Patch/iLive Mixrack. By clicking on a single or group of Outputs, you can assign which mix goes to them.

Aux’s can be set Pre or Post by right-clicking on the Aux and selecting All Pre or All Post. this can also be viewed at the top of the channels when the Aux’s Mix button is pushed.

Once you get your hands on a iLive, they’ll be no looking back.

-thanks, Mark