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I struggled with *low looking level files* from USB QU Drive and I think I wrote a post somewhere about this a year or so ago and from memory someone shot me down with a machine gun?

So I only use USB Streaming where I can push files up in the display of my Mac to represent what I am seeing from my desks’. Always aware of noise floor.
And I only “very” rarely use normalisation.
However I have come from the 16 bit world.
There a lot of info on this subject
and also different levels of standards where zero is
I guess I’m in the other camp where I would prefer to see wave files in a more normal analogue veiw.
A nice healthy veiw rather than having to zoom into see dribble and then having to work with that.
The last thing I want to do before working on files is to normalise istly…
I must admit the QU floor noise series is pretty clean!