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I have been using this USB . . . . described as tested for multitrack recording, and it doesnt work!

Kingston Digital HyperX (DTHX30) USB3.0 Data Traveler 64GB

I managed to record a full hour start to finish so I thought Id got one to work. But since the first success, it now stops recording, QU stops recognising it, and requires the previously mentioned power on/off cycle to get the QU drive to recognise the drive again.

I have also tried 2 other tested and recommended drives (which I purchased for this purpose only!), 1 of them didnt work at all, and 1 worked once, then never again. I have tried reformatting these drives, still nothing. Seems they work once, and never again!

Am I missing something here? If these drives are tested, then surely, it should just work?

The multi track straight to disk is why I chose the QU16 over other competing desks in the price range and below

Any help would be appreciated