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@ Allen & Heath

I send you, logs still in my possession, and a picture of the screen when the GLD Frezze, Saturday, May 16, 2015.

hoping you have a solution for me.

Thank you

@ Tylermartin86,

I do not use MIDI, and I do not think I activated commands.

For the keyboard: I plugged in to access BIOS in my workshop. in concert, it is not connected.

For the connection, I had forgotten to turn on the AR2412 !!! but after it has been unplugged.

The Digital Snake is new and was in the first things checked. it is ok.

I do not think that the problem comes from the AR2412, because the sound was working without worry during Frezze.

for show, after the last rebooting, La GLD80 were Lags, and would not rebooted the show. in an emergency, I have found a solution, because I found my most Cle usb. (Panic …) with my memory, I loaded an old show, for the show restarts.

ansuite, I took out my computer, and I took a backup (300315 0MAC 1) I had in the GLD EDITOR, and I charged during a break.

I never used to show from a GLD112.

anyway thank you for the help.