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Select a midi or instrument track then open the Piano Roll editor in Logic and with the pencil tool enter the note for the iLive channel you want to mute or unmute. the default note velocity will be around 80 so entering a note will MUTE the channel assigned to that note number until you enter another note – but with velocity lower than 40. you can change note velocity by right clicking or hitting escape and selecting the velocity tool then drag up or down on the note. copy and paste notes with a low velocity to unmute. Make sure your selected track is sent to your midi output that is connected to iLive.

If you connect the iLive midi out to a midi track in logic and enter record – then when you hit an iLive mute switch the corresponding notes should get recorded in logic. You should be able to then play that back to have it automate the iLive. Watch you don’t get midi feedback though. I have not tried the above but it should work.