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Upon first look, I already see a few things. The first is that I have seen is that there are MIDI Rx overflow errors. If you are using MIDI, I recommend removing that temporarily.

I also saw that you have a Dell keyboard plugged in (or at least one time you did). Try removing that and any other USB device you might have installed.

The most interesting thing that I found was that the board said that it found the AR2412 and then it found it again about 30 seconds later. I also saw errors about the surface losing the Audio Sync lock. Try checking the cable between the surface and the stage box. It should be a shielded cable to prevent any interference. If it is running in the ceiling (even if it is shielded) it should not be running near any fluorescent lights. If it was a cable with ends that were terminated by someone, make sure they are correctly wired or punched down. If this is a Cat5 snake that is used outdoors, make sure that nobody ran it over with a golf cart or something else (has happened many times before on analog snakes. It will do the same damage to a digital snake).

One last thing that I saw was that problems appeared when you recalled the show. I still need to try the show on the GLD editor and maybe even my board, but you could also try starting from scratch and rebuilding a new show. This would definitely be a last resort because nobody wants to redo their show. I did see that errors started popping up when you recalled the show “0 MAC 300315 1”. Is it possible that this show came from a GLD 112 and was placed on a GLD 80 (or the other way around)?

These are just the first things to try. If nothing works, then you need to submit a support ticket with Allen and Heath. They built these boards and programed them. They are the professionals. They know a lot more about this stuff than I do. I will continue looking and if I see anything else that catches my eye, I will post back (email is unreliable because Yahoo mail is awful. It took about 30 minutes for me to receive your email and then another 20 minutes to get the attachments).