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Thanks for your responses. I want to take the signal from a physical XLR output port on the iDR.

Clearly analog splitters (ie Y cables) will allow me to mic split to get the channels I want pre-everything. I don’t really want to have to make 24 Y cables, though.

Looking at the block diagram, I see what you mean about the AD converter – it is after the preamp and there is no way to take the signal before that. I had hoped that the option labelled “MixRack inputs” was a direct connection of inputs to outputs, and on an analog desk maybe it would be. But here I can see that it has to be post-AD converter to be able to be routed to the DAC on each output.

So, it looks like I need to use the Direct Out option, which gives me the option of turning down each channels Direct Out level to compensate for the preamp gain. Not ideal, but it will do.