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wow … old post?
We just used the desk as mono outs even the stereo outs as mono just using one side of each pair.
Used the left and right bus as side fills to the stage.
I still think *AS A MONITOR DESK* with given software you could use the subgroups as outputs however you cant in its present form as these are relative to the L/R bus, and don’t move as sub-group faders.
I doubt very much this would be implemented.
Its a minority in the grand scheme of marketing with the new dLive arriving soon.
They want you to buy some ME1’s 🙂

Of course if you are looking at this from the FOH perspective, you do have the matrix’s as sends?
However I found using matrix’s live, was slow to get into those tabs to adjust. (too many clicks!) Thats on the desk.. maybe the iPad would have been better?
Maybe an assignable soft key function would be good there?

The QU32 is a great desk!
However it is what it is at that price point.

food for thought.