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Thanks for that, I have applied the duck and will see how it goes. As you suspected No there is no operator. I was thinking about Sending all the Music Sources (CD and Organ and Airplay) into a Mix then Back in as a Input therefore i could duck from that source.

Only One of the Podium Mics may sometimes have someone speaking when the organ is playing, so i left no ducking on that mic. It appears after some investigation that someone had turned the organ up louder than normal which was the source of feedback (I was not there so i am only going from word of mouth). I also tried playing some tracks loudly to try and get the Mics to feed with No Luck. No FX are being used so i don’t mind loosing the FX for being able to Duck.

When i say the room feels live with the Mics Open the Church is a Concrete Building with about a natural reverb of 2 / 2.5 seconds and you hear the air and general room noise when the mics do not have a gate. They would prefer not to put mute switches in place.