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Thank you for the tip John-S,

Today I looked and study all diagnostic LOG connected keyboard and accessing the BIOS (F2)
The bios is not at the same hour as the interface
in the diagnostic log the bios, I saw this error: EFI 01010003
(The date and time corresponds to a Frezze each time)

Aptio Setup Utility: Version 2.11.2110

BIOS information:
BIOS Revision R1.13.0CD
built Date and Time 01/24/2012
Board D3003-S12

I touched the screen during the boot of the console, 2 crashes, otherwise just started can long (47 s on average) test performed 12 times.

I have no iPad to try.

PS: in the last Frezze, no USB key was connected.

serial number: GLD080X-323863

looking more closely the effects, I saw that the person using the console loaded 4 times the same effect: HALL480 (with 4 different tuning of parameter) on 6 used ,

is that this could be the beginning of a solution?